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I’m very excited about this. A few months ago I decided to start keeping an audio diary of my experience trying to learn how to design a programming language. In a few weeks I’m inviting you to start this strange journey with me through parsers, grammars, data structures, and the like. Along the way, I’ll interview researchers and engineers who are active in the this space and go deep on areas of programming not typically discussed. Episode 1 drops on November 18th.

I don’t want to overwhelm my regular readers with a long series on the ins and outs of program language design (although I suspect most of you will be into it anyway), so I’ve set up a blog specifically for episode releases and transcripts. There will be some supplemental deep dive essays on some key topics posted here and a bunch of bonus content for people who want to directly support the project. All and all I’m hoping to start a conversation around program language design that’s less intimidating and more accessible to beginners.

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